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Audio (5:06)

Business Efficiency

Being on top of your business efficiency will provide you with a head start on responding to the scale and pace of change we are e...

Audio (3:26)

The Marketing Mix - The 7 Critical Factors

There are 7 key ideas to consider and understand to succeed in any marketing endeavor. Listen as each factor is outlined and expla...

Audio (4:23)

Digital Solutions

There is potential for digital solutions to change the framework you understand your business. Follow Gordan Stokes as he provides...

Audio (4:20)

Finance and Cash Flow

Finance and Cash-flow is the heart of any business, learn what to consider and understand when grappling your financial model.

Audio (2:42)

Operations Management

Join Gordan Stokes as he explains how to increase the efficiency of your business inputs and outputs.

Audio (4:31)

People, Payroll and HR Support

Listen to this exploration of how the success of a business is linked to the success of it's people.

Decision Making
Audio (4:39)

Strategy and Planning

Gordan Stoke guides you through the elements to creating and managing a successful business strategy.

Working From Home
Audio (2:58)

How to stay on task when Working From Home

Learn some valuable strategies to remain focused and stay on task while working from home.

Working From Home
Audio (3:17)

Effective Virtual Meetings

Gordan Stokes explores some strategies you can use to conduct a successful virtual meeting, engaging your fellow colleagues.

Audio (8:12)

Self Awareness Podcast - Part 2: Developing the Skill

Listen to this 8 minute podcast on how you can easily build Self Awareness. Developing self-awareness requires attention and dedic...

Audio (3:48)

Self-Awareness Podcast - Part 1: Know Thyself

Listen to this 4 minute podcast on what Self Awareness is and why having it is a critical element to being successful in our daily...

Audio (7:00)

Personal Resilience - Part 2: Four Key Elements

Listen to this 7 minute podcast giving you strategies to build Personal Resilience. We cover four key elements to building resilie...

Audio (5:36)

Personal Resilience Podcast - Part 1: The Rubber Ball

Listen to this 4 minute podcast on Personal Resilience. We will introduce the topic of resilience, stress and where resilience com...

Audio (3:57)

Introduction to Visualisation

Caroline Mills explains how practicing visualisation techniques can help enhance the different areas of your life by promoting a c...

Meditation programs
Audio (16:50)

Meditation - Serenity

A relaxing mediation that focuses on a serenity. Relax and enjoy, as you guided through this meditation.

Meditation programs
Audio (16:32)

Meditation - Higher Power

Alternative relaxation meditation taking you to a place of deep relaxation.

Meditation programs
Audio (17.27)

Meditation - Potential

A relaxing mediation that focuses on supporting you to reach your potential. Relax and enjoy, as you are guided through this medit...

Meditation programs
Audio (15:26)

Meditation - Quiet the Mind

A relaxing meditation that focuses on a quietening the mind. Relax and enjoy, as you are guided through this meditation.

Meditation programs
Audio (17:30)

Meditation - Healing

A relaxing meditation that focuses on a healing mindset. Relax and enjoy, as you are guided through this meditation.

Meditation programs
Audio (43:32)

Sleep Soundly Audio Program

A meditation program that you can use just before you go to bed each night to help you get to sleep. It contains advanced techniqu...

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