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Strengths Profile Process Example

A step by step guide on how to set-up and access your Expert Strengths Profile.

Brain Gym
Activities (2:10)

Brain Gym - A Sinking Feeling

Get your brain working as you complete this fun activity.

Brain Gym
Activities (1:58)

Brain Gym - Turning Tables

Re-energise your brain with this activity.

Brain Gym
Activities (2:18)

Brain Gym - A Riddle Unhinged

Get your brain working as you complete this fun activity.

Health & Wellbeing

Self-Care Assessment - Template

This assessment tool provides an overview of effective strategies to maintain self-care.

Health & Wellbeing

Self-Care Plan - Template

Use the self-care activity ideas and this template to develop your self-care action plan.

Working From Home

Conducting an Effective Virtual Meeting - Key Strategies

Refer to these tips and strategies on how to conduct a successful virtual meeting that ensures everyone is engaged and able to par...

Health & Wellbeing

Self-care Activity Ideas

Listed under the four dimensions of wellbeing, are a range of self-care activity ideas, specifically relevant to the current COVID...

Working From Home

10 ways to work from home more effectively

Here is a comprehensive list of strategies to adapt to working from home.

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Individual Membership Plans

Designed to support you across all the many dimensions of business. You will gain 24/7 access to:

  • 'Watch, Listen & Read' digital content designed for business
  • Live webinars - actively participate in live events as they happen
  • Replayed webinars - access 100’s of previous events in our archive
  • Articles & guides - expert tips, ideas and resources for wellbeing
  • Videos - informative demonstrations across many topics
  • Tools & Templates - supporting you in your business
  • Events - invitation to special members only live events
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Customised Business Programs

Designed to support all size of business. Contact us using the button below and let us customise a program for you.

  • Access to all online media - webinars, videos, guides & audio
  • Weekly modules covering specific wellbeing areas
  • Custom content created specifically for your workforce
  • Increased productivity via a happy healthy and dynamic team
  • Optional support via special in-person workshops & events
  • Customisable programs to meet your specific goals & objectives
  • Monthly analytics reports showing team engagement & activity

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